Alpa pilates equipments are produced with the sliding sledge (drawer system) which is a first time production in Turkey and still unique with that system as a portable pilates machine. And the company has constantly continued innovations growing up the brand day by day. They have been producing pilates machines and equipments since 2007. Containing 18 different products in its production line, Alpa Pilates has been selling many products to Turkey and abroad. Most of the products has many specialities and features that have not been discovered yet both in Turkey and abroad. And they also have been producing portable pilates machines for the yachts larger than 22 meters.And we also convert one of the rooms of big construction companies’ flats into pilates studios. We guarantee for 2 year for every part of the machines and contain all the international and domestic warranty ceftificates, like TSE,ISO certificate and CE. In wooden products we use the pine tree and in metal products we use alluminium.(and for the color we use car paints against the scracthes)

Alpa Pilates Equipments Istanbul has been giving service in its 300m² showroom at Seyrantepe/Levent. We have been producing our alluminium products in Çerkezköy and wooden products in our own production center in Seyrantepe. We have a 350 m² depo and production department. You can easily use our approved high quality products which are specially developed by our research and development system.